We believe innovation is about people, culture, collaboration, engagement and inspiration.

It is about direction and leadership.

Ultimately, innovation is about investing in a vision.

Only the ideas that align with the corporate mission, purpose, goals and objectives will survive resource allocation and end up in an innovation pipeline.

And, vice versa: the strategic platform needs to be alive and dynamic. It should be continuously re-imagined, critiqued and fine-tuned by concerted opinions, ambitions and dreams of the collective intellectual capital. A shared, interactive strategic platform is a first, good step towards staying relentlessly relevant.

We believe innovation is about creativity, ingenuity, boldness and madness. It is about timing and context. It is about diversity, difference in opinions and about finding ideas in the most unlikely places. It is about nurturing and protecting the raw, the yet naked and fragile. But also about discussions, evaluations, disagreements, reviews, cross-checks, scrutinizing; a battle for resources and a fight against time.

Ideas are the lifeblood of the organization.

We believe ideas, their creators and cultivators are best treated and respected via structure, methodology and processes in tools and apps of a dedicated innovation management system. A state-of-the art system lets you discuss, explore, pitch, hack and solve in any fashion thinkable.

Evaluations. Risk assessments. Pipelines. Anonymous contributions. Garages. Side shows. Dynamos. Think tanks. Skunkworks. Labs where you monitor, understand and incubate. Ecosystem with users, clients and external partners.

We believe you should invest in a corporate innovation ecosystem: the dynamic relationships among people, systems and technology built around the strategic platform; simply the arenas where the future of your business is imagined, visualized and discussed and where corporate stories are conceived and told. Your future could depend on it.

You have a dollar. I have a dollar. We swap. Now you have my dollar and I have your dollar. We are not better off. You have an idea. I have an idea. We swap. Now you have two ideas, and I have two ideas. Both are richer. When you gave, you have. What I got, you did not lose.
— Jimmy Durante