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Strategic ideation

innovation Management


Hellominds is a consultancy specializing in strategic ideation and innovation management.

We engage human and digital minds in world-class idea management processes to energize your enterprise strategic platform. We visualize the big picture and keep track of strategic direction, innovation ambition matrix ratios and pace of innovation.

We help you create and develop the innovation portfolio you need in order to offer desirable products and services and stay relentlessly relevant.



We believe innovation is about people, culture, collaboration, engagement and inspiration. It is about creativity, ingenuity, audacity, boldness and courage. It is about artificial intelligence, neural networks and spatial computing.

It is about diversity, difference in opinions and about finding great ideas in unexpected places. It is about nurturing and protecting the raw; the yet naked and fragile. It is about discussions, evaluations, disagreements, cross-checks and scrutinizing reviews.

We also believe innovation is a strategic process. It is about timing and context; a battle for resources and a fight against time.

It is very much about leadership, ambition and direction. We believe ideas, their creators and cultivators are best treated and respected via structure, methodology and processes.

Ultimately, we believe innovation is about investing in the enterprise vision.

We admire the dynamic relationships among people, systems and technology in a great innovation ecosystem; a strategic platform that is alive and dynamic, continuously re-imagined, critiqued and fine-tuned by concerted opinions, ambitions and dreams of the collective intellectual capital.

These are the arenas where the future of your business is imagined, visualized and discussed and where the next chapters of your corporate story are conceived and told.

We build our services on the Brightidea Innovation Management Platform. More information about Brightidea Innovation Cloud, apps and features can be found here (external site).