Crowdsource suggestions company wide and route them to the right decision-makers to review, evaluate, and take action


Collect &
Organize Ideas


Engage & Collaborate
on Ideas


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Collaborative approaches engage employees directly in designing a “perfect” employee experience.
— Deloitte.

Advanced Capabilities to Turn Suggestions Into Real Change

Use Suggest to address a broad range of topics on an ongoing basis


Advanced Email Submission

Submit a Suggestion With a Simple Email

Using a brand new setup wizard, employees can easily send their ideas to a single email address. They can also tag ideas with hashtags and add relevant attachments such as photos.


Accountability Finder

Ensure the Right People Stay Involved

Accountability for every idea can be enforced by tracking its progress from submitter to evaluator(s). This positively reinforces contribution of ideas and enables the best ones to be implemented more quickly.


Workflow Tracking

Closely Track the Progress of Any Suggestion

The Pipeline dashboard enables the progress of ideas to be easily tracked from submitter to owner, streamlining its ultimate resolution.

Using Brightidea we’ve achieved over $54 million in recorded innovation outcomes over the last couple of years and we have very strong projections going forward.
— Nick Selk, CISCO

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