Clear roadblocks on key projects by crowdsourcing novel approaches from across your technical workforce

Build Proprietary Advantage in Development

Build Proprietary
Advantage in Development

Discover Breakthrough Approaches in Research

Discover Breakthrough
Approaches in Research

Fix Critical Issues in Production

Fix Critical Issues
in Production

Some of the biggest market disrupters, such as Facebook and large enterprises including GE, are currently using crowdsourcing services to solve their most complex problems.
— Accenture

Advanced Capabilities to Get Your Best Minds Focused on Your Hardest Problems

Use Solve to find fresh solutions to technical challenges


Challenge Brief

Communicate the Problem on the Challenge Brief

Your microsite’s homepage describes the problem’s background and desired outcome, and specifies the timeline during which a solution needs to be found.


Solution Evaluations

Rank Solutions for Viability and Cost-Benefit

Once a potential solution is submitted, subject matter experts can evaluate it with a built-in scoring system. Those with higher scores can then be considered for implementation.


Mobile Collaboration

Enable Users to Comment on Solutions—Anytime, Anywhere

Using any mobile device, employees can comment and converse on a submitted solution in real time, helping to evaluate it for viability while on the go.

Crowdsourcing has proven invaluable in solving our biggest technical problems, with projected impact well into the millions of dollars.
— Mike Murray, StanleyBlack&Decker

Innovation Apps


How Crowdsourced Innovation is Driving a Renaissance in Manufacturing

In few other industries is innovation as critical to maintaining a competitive edge as manufacturing. Playing an increasingly central role in the sector’s innovation is the process of crowdsourced problem solving. In this lively discussion, Brightidea CEO Matt Greeley, Product VP Genevieve Wang, and Senior Product Manager Alison Heisner talk about how U.S. manufacturing companies are gaining a proprietary advantage by tapping the engineering talent of their workforces to find innovative solutions to their most pressing problems. The Brightidea team focuses on Solve, one of the company’s nine innovation apps, as a powerful tool for crowdsourced problem solving.


Which part of your business is ripe for improvement?


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