Efficiently manage an internal shark tank, where entrepreneurs pitch new business ideas to their executives to evaluate and grant budget for further development

Capture Business

Evaluate and
Fund Projects

Track Financial

It is important to show employees that their entrepreneurial behavior is supported and fostered, which includes an open culture in which they are not afraid of sharing their ideas.
— Deloitte.

Advanced Capabilities to Run Your Shark Tank

Use Pitch to monitor, manage, and measure the pitching process


Team Collaboration

Collaborate With Ease

Preparing and pitching for a shark tank is often a team-based process. With Pitch, proposals can be submitted on behalf of a team, rather than just a single employee, creating a collaborative space for each member to communicate and receive project updates.


Mobile-friendly Judging

Streamline the Judging Process

Responsive design makes it easy for judges to use any type of mobile device to follow along with presentations and mark their scores in real time.

Projections and Outcomes

Track Every Dollar on Every Project

With detailed financial tracking in Pitch, the impact of each project can be quantified with hard dollar figures. The projected costs and benefits of any proposal can be calculated, then compared to its actuals once launched as a real project.

Brightidea has assisted us greatly in our goal to ‘fan the flames’ of innovation within our enterprise.
— Maureen Belanger, UNUM

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