Focus attention on making small, cumulative improvements
to a key area of your business, driving measurable impact to your bottom line

Enhance the
Customer Experience

Refine a Key Aspect
of the Business

Streamline an
Operations Area

Incremental improvements can create company and supply chain-wide efficiencies that, in turn, lead to greater competitiveness, increased value-add jobs and wealth creation.
— Deloitte

Advanced Capabilities to Improve a Key Area of Your Business

Use Optimize to gather a broad range of ideas over a defined period of time


Summary Dashboard

Instantly Spot Where the Biggest Improvements Are Being Made

A comprehensive, yet intuitive dashboard summarizes the performance of every idea implemented, then aggregates the results to show the total impact each one is having.


Pipeline Management

Visually Track and Manage Projects Over Time

With the app’s intuitive UI, different sections of each project pipeline can be dragged and dropped, making it easy to track and manage the development of those projects over time.


Outcomes Tracking

Monitor the Success of Outcomes—in Real Time

Improvements are better when their effects can be measured. Optimize makes it easy to track both the qualitative and quantitative impact of every idea that ultimately gets implemented.

Brightidea’s innovation platform helps us maintain our global leadership in customer experience.
— Joe Locandro, CATHAY PACIFIC

Which part of your business is ripe for improvement?


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