Efficiently gather and evaluate a variety of unique names for any project


Rapidly Collect
Name Ideas


Run Efficient
Selection Process


Communicate Back
to All Participants

A brand name can be one of the most valuable assets a company possesses.

Advanced Capabilities to Find Unique Project Names in Less Time

Use Name to efficiently collect and short-list potential names


Naming Microsite

Provide a Site to Collect and Vote on Names

With the setup wizard and design templates in Name, you can have a high-quality, engaging website for your target audience in just a few clicks. The site provides a single place to submit and vote on potential names.


Duplicate Checker

Instantly Check for Previously Proposed Names

When you type a name into the inline duplicate checker, results matching the letters as you type them will be listed below in real time, ensuring that no efforts are later wasted on culling duplicate names.


Submission Scoring

Easily Evaluate and Select Names

Name makes the evaluation process easy with a numerical scoring function for rating name submissions. Select the final project name from a list of the highest rated submissions.

Brightidea has assisted us greatly in our goal to ‘fan the flames’ of innovation within our enterprise.
— Maureen Belanger, UNUM

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