Set up a pipeline to nurture, manage, and track the development of projects over time, away from the pressures of a business environment

Support Team

Monitor Portfolio

Track Riskiest Assumptions
and Experiments

Leaders must constantly evaluate an array of emerging technologies and determine where to incubate and where to increase investment.

Advanced Capabilities to Run Your Corporate Incubator

Use Incubate as a powerful framework to track projects with rigor and efficiency

Pipeline Management

Visually Track and Manage Projects Over Time

With the app’s intuitive UI, different sections of each project pipeline can be dragged and dropped, making it easy to track and manage the development of those projects over time.


Project-Team Support

Facilitate Cross-Functional Collaboration

At the core of every incubator’s functioning is team collaboration. Incubate makes it easy to gather information from and communicate with all (or selected) members of any team, scaling smoothly as the team grows.


Financial(s) Tracking

Quantify the Dollar Impact of Every Project

The detailed outcome tracking in Incubate includes the ability to quantify the impact of each project with hard dollar figures. This makes it easier to decide on the cost-benefit of continuing to invest in a project.

Brightidea helps us identify future trends, react quickly, and stay ahead of the competition.
— Jeff Ferreira-Pro, vsp

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