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Owners to Volunteers


Job Applications


Jobs Centrally

Organizations will increasingly learn and borrow from freelance management and gig economy platforms, which dynamically match short-term work requirements directly with workers who have the relevant knowledge, experience, skills, competencies and availability.
— Gartner

Advanced Capabilities to Unlock New Capacity in Your Workforce

Use Gig to activate your organization’s untapped talent

Centralized Job Marketplace

Directly Connect Job Owners to Volunteers

Core to any gig economy is connecting jobs to volunteers. Job owners can post details on each job and the expertise they require for it, while volunteers can list their expertise and availability.

Simple Application Process

Easily Provide, Track, and Manage Job Applications

Volunteers can apply to any job using a single button on the View Job screen. From a tab on the same screen, job owners can then view details on every application and either accept or decline.

Robust Job Management

Track Every Step of Job Progress

Using the app’s Team Workspace, job owners can assign tasks and set milestone for the volunteer, managing the job from start to finish.

Brightidea is an essential tool to engage our global workforce.
— Laura Adams, Black & Veatch

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