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Business Impact

It’s disruptions that will allow you to reinvent or enter new markets, bypass barriers to customers, create or extend ecosystems, find new funding or revenue and reset business models.

Advanced Capabilities to Act on Ideas for a Market Opportunity

Use Explore to evaluate and manage projects with the highest potential.

Challenge Microsite

Centrally Source and Evaluate Opportunities

With Explore’s setup wizard and design templates, you can easily launch a high-quality, engaging website to crowdsource and evaluate ideas for market opportunities.

Quantitative Evaluations

Score and Compare Opportunities for Viability

Once opportunities are submitted, it’s easy to assess their potential value. The highest scoring opportunities can then be chosen to pursue further.

Business Impact Tools

Project, Compare, and Visualize Financial Impact

Your internal experts can project the financial impact of opportunities, enabling you to select the best. With a clear visualization of projected and actual impacts, you can compare them against targets.

Crowdsourcing has proven invaluable in solving our biggest technical problems, with projected impact well into the millions of dollars.
— Mike Murray, StanleyBlack&Decker

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