Uncover areas of the business ready for refinement by crowdsourcing ideas from internal consulting teams


Crowdsource Project


Run Rigorous
Selection Process


Track Cumulative

Innovative companies look to employees themselves for inspiration.
— Deloitte.

Advanced Capabilities to Achieve Higher Impact with Fewer Resources

Use Consult to select projects with the highest potential ROI


Project Microsite

Provide a Site to Source Potential Projects

With the setup wizard and design templates in Consult, you can have a high-quality, engaging website for your target audience in just a few clicks. The site provides a single place to crowdsource potential projects and evaluate them for further development.


Project Evaluations

Rank Projects for Viability and Cost-Benefit

Once potential projects are submitted, it’s easy to evaluate them using the app’s numerical scoring function for voting. The highest scoring submission(s) can then be chosen for further development.


Impact Tracking

Measure Business Impact

With the Business Impact Tab and Dashboard in Consult, you can capture the projected impact from opportunities and see their potential realized over time. You get a clear visualization of the projected and actual impacts, allowing you to compare them all against targets.

With tools like safety NET, we are able to include more people in our community of innovators and be more inclusive about the challenges we face.
— Greg Thompson, Autoliv

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