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Leveraging the rapid advancements in technology to create increasingly innovative products and services, businesses are driving unprecedented changes in the way people work and live.
— accenture

Advanced Capabilities to Find New Applications for Emerging Tech

Use Apply to identify the most impactful technology for your business


Challenge Microsite

Centrally Crowdsource and Evaluate Application Ideas

With Apply’s setup wizard and design templates, you can easily launch a high-quality, engaging website to crowdsource and evaluate ideas on new ways to apply emerging technologies.

Cross Collaboration Dashboard

Leverage Diverse Perspectives Across the Company

Collect ideas from people typically outside of the marketing or R&D function on how to leverage technology in new ways. A dashboard depicts levels of engagement and collaboration across departments.

Quantitative Evaluations

Score and Compare Possibilities for Viability

Once ideas for new technology applications are submitted, it’s easy for employees to assess their viability and cost benefit. The highest scoring ideas can then be chosen to pursue further.

The flexibility of Brightidea has been instrumental in helping us customize and evolve our program.
— Avi Gvirtsman, HP

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